Breaking Down The Types of Felines From Around the World

Felines have fascinated us through the ages and come in many different shapes, sizes, and personalities. From the wild Jaguar to the domestic house cat, felines have been both feared and revered for centuries. But have you ever wondered just how many kinds of cats there are? Let’s take a closer look at the various types of cats from around the world!

The big cats, such as Jaguars, Lions, Tigers, and Leopards, have roared their way into our hearts and imaginations. These magnificent creatures have strong personalities, with formidable strength and the courage to take on prey much larger than themselves. It is no wonder that these powerful predators have been worshipped throughout history, holding a place of reverence and importance.

Despite their wild nature, they can be tamed with patience and devotion- making them a great addition to many people’s lives. Have you ever considered having a big cat as a pet?

On the other side of the feline spectrum we have the small predators, like the domestic house cat. These cats are the most well known, and are the small cats that you usually find in households throughout the world. They keep themselves neat, they purr and mew in cute little voices, and they form strong emotional bonds with their human caretakers.

The funny thing about house cats is that no two of them look or act the same! Some are grumpy, others are friendly, some love to cuddle, and some need a lot of space! With so many options, finding the right cat for you and your home can be an exciting adventure.

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Wild Cats

Roaming the remote corners of the world, you can find some of the more unusual wild cats. While not as well known as their larger relatives, these cats posses their own unique beauty and remain an eternal mystery. You can find the Caracal in Africa, the Bobcat and the Lynx in North America, the Caracal and the Ocelot in South America, the Leopard Cat in Asia, and the Margay in Central America.

Unlike the big cats, these cats are mostly solitary and elusive, rarely being seen by human eyes. Those lucky enough to observe them in their natural habitat marvel at their strength and grace. Whether spotted or striped, these wild cats fill us with admiration and wonder.

Some of these cats even take on peculiar behaviors not seen in most other types of cats. The Clouded Leopard of Asia, for example, will sometimes make unusual barking sounds, earning the nickname ‘dog of the cats’. Truly, these creatures are something special!

Hybrid Cats

Complimenting the variety of felines already in existence are the hybrid cats. Hybrids are the product of domestic cats being crossbred with wild cats, and are often created to bring out the desired qualities of both parent cats. Hybrids are not new, and have been around for centuries.

Today, there are scores different breeds of hybrid cats available. The Savannah, for example, is a blend of a wild Serval cat and a domestic shorthaired cat, with its unique appearance and outgoing personality sure to make any cat lover’s heart purr! The Bengal and the Chausie are also some popular examples of hybrid cats.

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Nowadays, with the advancements in cat breeding, hybrid cats have become more and more accessible to pet owners around the world, adding more options to the already diverse cat population.

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