Cats Are Taking Over! Here’s What You Need To Know

They’re everywhere! We can’t escape it. Cats have taken over the world, with many of us relating more to our felines than to other people. But what does this mean for us? What do we need to know as cats continue to dominate?

Studies have shown that cats can actually improve our physical and mental health. From boosting our moods to relieving stress, cats can be a great blessing in our lives. We just need to ask, “Do I have the time and energy to care for a cat?”

Selecting a cat can be a daunting task, but most pet stores have knowledgeable staff who can guide you. Look for a cat that fits your lifestyle and personality. Pick a breed, color, or size that will match your home and make sure to include your family in the selection process, especially if you have children.

Once you’ve found your feline friend, there are a few essentials that you need to consider. First of all, a vet visit is in order for vaccines, micro-chipping, and flea treatment. Secondly, you’ll need basic pet supplies – a bed, litter box, food, toys, and scratching post. Last but not least, plan to set aside time for play and to develop the bond between you and your new companion.

Spreading Joy Everywhere

Does seeing a cat bring you joy? You’re not alone! Cats have been used to improve morale in hospitals and nursing homes. They have even been therapy cats for veterans. Their love, joy, and bond no doubt bring a wonderous respite from worries.

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Cats produce cortisol, a stress reducing hormone, in their owners. So when it’s time for a cuddle, you can always rely on your furry friend to be a source of comfort and happiness. Don’t forget to reward the kitty for being so kind! Treats are a must for when your feline friend behaves.

Cats aren’t just about taking, but also about giving. They’ve been known to provide affection to sick people and take away their loneliness, as well as detect and warn people of certain medical symptoms. Cats’ intelligence, caring, and inquisitive nature have no doubt made them some of the best family companions.

Taking Care of Your Bestie

Cats have their own personalities so it’s important to embrace those quirks and honor their individual needs. Feeding them right, giving them good exercise, and cleaning up after them is the least that we can do to show appreciation for them in our lives.

Cats also need us to take care of their mental needs. Playtime with them is essential for keeping their minds stimulated. Cuddling and petting can help too. So make sure to spend quality time so your cat doesn’t feel left out.

Your cat’s sleeping habits and behavior are also important aspects that you need to keep an eye on. If there are any changes, make sure to contact a professional. Cats may not be able to verbalize how they feel, but we can do our best to take care of them as best as we can.

Preventing Allergies

Even though cats can bring us joy, they can also lead to allergies. To prevent it, make sure to keep your home clean. Vacuum regularly and have someone with no allergies do the litter box duty. Also, switch to a hypoallergenic litter.

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Cats spread furry love everywhere they go. As they continue to take over the world it’s important to remember that they are individuals with their own needs and personalities. So make sure that you do your part in taking good care of your feline friend!

It’s time to grab the catnip and toys and get ready for a lifetime of love!

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