Crazy Cat Facts That You’ve Never Heard Of!

Have you ever wondered why cats are so weird? They do the strangest things! But these animal’s odd behavior can be attributed to some interesting—and often completely bizarre—facts. Here are some crazy cat facts that you’ve probably never heard of.

Did you know that cats were experts at bargaining? Legend has it that in Ancient Egypt, the cats were so good at haggling that they would often barter food with traders!

It might be hard to believe but cats can jump up to five times their own height. It’s the equivalent of a human being able to jump up a 15-story building!

Cats may have nine lives, but they don’t always use them. In fact, cats can make a 180-degree turn mid-air in order to right themselves if they’re falling upside down. This allows them to land on their feet and avoid taking too much damage!

Cats are known to be fussy eaters, but did you know that they will turn their noses up at food if it’s been sitting out in the open for more than 15 minutes? This makes sense because cats often associate what they eat with their hunting instincts.

Cat Communication

Cats communicate in many ways, from vocal purring and meowing, to head-butting, body-motions, and scent-marking. Scientists have identified about 100 different types of meows cats use to communicate!

Beyond vocal expression, cats can also literally ‘smell’ emotions. Research suggests they have a special type of scent receptor they use to pick up on pheromones — the hormones created by humans or animals that act as chemical messengers. This means cats may be able to pick up on an owner’s emotional state.

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Cats “speak” to each other through their facial expressions too. Did you know that the cat’s famous furrowed brow has been found to “enhance communication between cats?” When cats furrow their brows, they may be communicating different emotions, such as sadness, anger, or fear.

Cats Love Human company

Cats may seem aloof and independent, but they have a deep emotional bond with their owners. They are capable of forming meaningful relationships with humans and have the capacity to understand and show love, loyalty, and playfulness.

Cats even show signs of attachment to their owners by meowing when they don’t receive enough attention. Velcro cats take this neediness to the next level—these cats show an unmatched level of adherence to their owners. Many cat owners have returned home to find their cats literally hanging off of their clothing or clinging to their ankles when they enter the door!

Cats not only express love, but they return it too. Petting a cat can actually provoke endorphins and serotonin—the “happy hormones” in humans. So, spoil your cat with some cuddles, and you’ll receive love in return!

Cat Senses

Cats have an amazingly acute sense of smell. They can detect things like food, potential predators, and even their family members by smell alone! And their sense of smell is so strong that they can detect odors that are 50 times more faint than those detectable by human noses!

Cats’ ears are an important part of their sensory system too. A cat’s ears are lined with more than 30 muscles, allowing them to swivel and tilt independently. Cats can even detect sounds of a very high frequency—sometimes up to two octaves higher than a human can hear.

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Your cat’s eyes are also incredibly powerful. Cats are equipped with a type of vision that’s known as “binocular vision,” which means they can see things clearly at a single focal point. This helps them focus on prey and process their surroundings more accurately than humans can!

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