Here Are Some Fascinating Facts About Cats

Did you know that cats can jump up to six times their own height? Even if cats don’t have the same predatory skills as some other animals in the wild, they can still outwit their way through a situation.

In addition to that, cats purr for a variety of reasons. But, the most common reason for purring is for contentment. Studies have also shown that these purrs help cats heal wounds and also fracture bones, something that we humans cannot do!

These animals communicate with gentle meows and trills which represent different emotions. We don’t always understand what cats are trying to say, but they use their body language to provide us cues.

Friends of Felines – it’s the best! You don’t even need a special skill set to be a cat buddy, just your love. Have you ever wanted to embrace the furry companionship of cats?

Cats – Sleep It Out

Perhaps some of you may be familiar with the phrase, ‘Sleep it out’. Well that phrase is especially apt when it comes to cats.

Sleep is the best medicine for cats and they do love the comfort of their beds, yet cats can sleep in the strangest places.

Cats spend around 16 hours a day sleeping and even more if they feel safe and secure. That said, cats also don’t need too much sleep if they are stimulated by the environment.

Cats – Little Heroes

Cats also have an immense capacity for love and comfort. Cats can save humans from danger, sometimes physically and other times emotionally.

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They may not always be the centre of attention, but they can often be the silent heroes who provide us with the security and comfort we need.

Cats remind us that life is not always about ‘doing’ but it’s also just as important to take time to ‘be’.

The Purr-fect Way to Stay Connected

The connection between cats and humans is quite special. It doesn’t compare to that with other pets, it’s better.

Cats cuddle up and follow us around, when we really need them. We all know that cats are God’s way of reminding us that we need love in our lives.

Cat owners swear by the unconditional love and companionship that cats provide. So don’t pass up the chance to adopt a pet!

Give Love and Get Adored

Cats are undoubtedly the best kind of creatures on Earth – sassy, independent and sure, they can be mischievous, but it’s what makes them so unique. They come and show us that it’s okay to be different.

When you give love, it is definitely given back. Cats love nothing more than cuddle time, ‘treat time’ and lots of attention, which add up to more love all round. So, go ahead and have a heart, and pick up a pet!

Wealth of Wisdom

Cats have been our companions for centuries, offering us their wisdom and affection. Ancient cultures believed that cats were the companions of the gods.

In some cultures, cats were even considered to be magical and sacred animals, spreading positivity in their surroundings, and teaching us an abundance of life lessons.

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No matter what the culture or belief, cats have always been a source of comfort and understanding.

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