Rainy Day Fun: Cat Toys And Games For Your Feline Friends

Cheer your cats up on those rainy days with fun and exciting toys and games! Cats don’t just like to curl up and take catnaps, they also enjoy active play and exploring.​ With a little creativity, you can create activities that will bring hours of entertainment for your beloved cats.​ Investing in durable toys and making sure to keep an eye on your pet’s playtime are important steps in your cat’s mental and physical wellbeing.​
Cats of all ages can find enjoyment with interactive toys that require their focus and concentration.​ Cats especially enjoy toys that can be “hunted” such as chase toys or the classic “fishing rod” format.​ Look online for cat-friendly versions of these popular toys that are made from durable and non-toxic materials as plastics can be dangerous if ingested.​ Reusable and refillable toys with interchangeable items can also provide hours of fun.​
However, maybe your cat has spent too many rainy days inside and needs a change of scenery.​ Interestingly enough, cats also enjoy certain games that require a bit more complex thinking.​ Puzzle feeders are great tools for pet parents to get their cats to use their brainpower while playing.​ There are a variety of puzzle feeders that adhere to your cat’s particular style of play.​ For instance, the floor-based puzzle feeders that use a teaspoonful of treats to get the cat to wander around the board.​ Or the tower-based puzzle feeders with levels that shake and move when the cat touches them.​
Moreover, cats also enjoy physical activities.​ With a bit of guidance, your cat may just become a natural at agility training with specially made cat play tunnels or kid-friendly obstacle courses.​ Making sure that your cat is well rested and has taken its supplements beforehand are important so as to avoid injuries.​

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1.​ Advantages of Toys

Cats of all ages benefit from playing and having specific cat toys as it helps to keep their mind active and can reduce boredom.​ It can also help promote active behaviour while indoors, which is important for cats that lack access to the outdoors.​ Providing plenty of toys is particularly important for cats who are older as it enhances their quality of life by keeping them mentally and physically stimulated.​ Playing also strengthens the bond between cats and their humans which is hugely important in helping to create a happy relationship.​

2.​ Benefits of Games

Games are a fantastic way to provide cats with mental stimulation.​ Playing games encourages a natural instinctive behaviour in cats and offers great mental stimulation and physical exercise opportunities.​ Games also require logical and analytical thinking meaning that cats must think about how to problem solve in order to complete the game, allowing cats to use their mind in an enjoyable way.​

3.​ Types of Toys and Games to Purchase

When buying toys for a rainy day, it is important to ensure that the toys are made from safe and non-toxic materials.​ Toys that are made from organic materials such as cotton, wool and sisal rope are all good choices for cats.​ Additionally, cat towers are an excellent option to have permanent toys and spots for cats to enjoy during the rainy days.​ Puzzle feeders can also be a great way to keep cats entertained and engaged during the rainy day.​ Finally, don’t forget to stock up on your catnip and refillable cat toys.​

4.​ What Should I Avoid?

It is important to avoid toys and games that can pose a risk to your cat during playtime.​

Cat Toys
This includes strings, ribbons and cords, rubber bands, small objects, and craft objects such as buttons, paper clips, and beads.​ Additionally, some purchased toys may contain small pieces that your cat may ingest and vomit up.​ Therefore it is important to read the instructions provided by the toy manufacturer prior to purchasing any toys for your cat.​

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5.​ How Do I Help My Cat Enjoy Toys and Games?

Playing with cats can be very enjoyable and cats actually enjoy a variety of different games.​ One of the best ways to get your cat comfortable with a new game is to introduce it initially with no pressure or expectations.​ If your cat shows no interest, try providing treats to entice them.​ Additionally, allow your cat some time to explore and observe the toys before encouraging them to interact with them.​ Furthermore, try making the playing session interactive with treats and rewards for winning the game.​ Doing this can further help the bond between you and your cat.​

6.​ How Can I Safely Store Toys?

Toys should be placed in an area where the cat can access them easily but where they are also safe from curious children and any pets that might snatch them away.​ To further ensure safety, toys can be placed in an area that the children or other animals cannot reach.​ This could be on a high shelf or in a designated toy box.​ Additionally, it is important to regularly monitor your cat and remove any toys and games that have been used or become damaged in order to ensure your cat’s health and safety.​

7.​ Investing in Quality Toys and Games

When buying toys, it is important to always buy from a reputable and trustworthy store.​ Make sure to read the product reviews as this can help you to find out about the quality of toys before buying.​ It is also good to opt for toys that are made from non-toxic materials and are easy to clean and maintain.​ Investing in durable toys with interchangeable items can provide your cat with hours of fun and help you to save in the long run.​

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8.​ Ways to Provide Stimulation

Stimulation should be provided to both indoor and outdoor cats.​ Indoor cats should be provided with plenty of toys and interactive games that require their concentration and focus.​ Additionally, cats should also be provided with exercise opportunities such as cat play tunnels and kid-friendly obstacle courses.​ Whenever possible, cats should also be given outdoor access during dryer days as this can help keep them mentally and physically active and provide them with valuable stimulation.​

9.​ Tips to Consider

When playing with your cat, make sure to supervise your cat at all times to ensure they stay safe and healthy.​ Monitor your cat’s playing activity to ensure they are not over-exerting themselves and to make sure that they are enjoying their playtime.​ Finally, make sure to keep any toys that could be a choking hazard out of reach of your cat and other animals.​

10.​ Evaluating Your Cat’s Needs

It is important to understand your cat’s individual personality and playing needs and to provide them with adequate resources to enjoy themselves safely.​ Regularly anticipating your cat’s needs and providing them with what they need can help create a stimulating environment for your cat.​ Additionally, providing cats with plenty of toys and games can help to keep them happy, calm and active.​

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