The Funny And Quirky Habits Of Our Furry Felines

There are many times when life with cats seems nothing short of extraordinary.​ From seemingly magical moments of teasing out hidden balls of yarn to their mischievousness when they’re feeling frisky, all of this charm and cuteness no doubt makes for a great companion, but it also comes with a collection of habits that can only be described as being slightly funny … and rather quirky.​

The Mysterious Ways of the Catnap

Any cat lover knows that no matter how often their beloved fur-buddy decides to sleep or where they decide to sleep it, each cat has their own distinct sleeping patterns and habits that they stick to.​ From tucked away nooks to the cosy window ledge seat, these funny little places where cats choose to rest can baffle us while providing endless curiosity.​

Hunter and Gatherer of Random Objects

It’s no surprise that cats love to hunt.​ Every day, as if on some sort of mission, cats scour the living room floor in search of random objects to fiddle with or hide away.​ From tiny spools of thread to the occasional RFID tag, cats treat these everyday objects as the newest precious gems of the family.​

Driven by Food

Cats are renowned for being motivated by the alluring smell of food.​ A superior sense of smell, combined with an intense hunger, means they will usually have no problem sniffing out the location of dinner any time it is served, regardless of whether humans are home or not.​

Getting Stuck in the Most Unusual Places

The loveable faces of cats often make us feel obligated to make sure they never get too lonely or too bored.​ To keep their minds and bodies active, cats often explore and wander in their own way, getting themselves stuck in places they can then hardly find their way out of.​ From shoe boxes to then stuck in outer window frames or in-between furniture, cats will often find themselves in quite the pickle and will usually need our assistance to bail them out!

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The Furry Kisses

Nobody can deny the feeling of love and affection when a cat nudges us with their little nose or rubs their faces against ours as a sign of endearment.​ Trust us, cats are the biggest show boats when it comes to displaying their love – from twitching their tails in greeting to licking our faces to showering us with affection – all of this unmistakable adoration makes us the luckiest cat pet owners out there.​

Good Companions to Toys

Cats are driven by their many curiosities and so toys become the perfect way for them to explore and express themselves in a harmless and amusing way.​ From jumping at strings to playing tag with small fabric balls, cats tend to go a little wild with their toys and always seem to be having quite the fun time while doing it.​

The Cat Calls

Whether it’s the occasional meow to break the silence of the room, or a cheer of excitement to have finally been found and let out, cats have their own unique voice, and a language that only humans seem to understand.​ Though these cat vocalisations can be anything from polite purring to outright demanding yowling, the feelings behind them are all the same – nothing but pure love.​

The Kneading Sessions

A comical ritual that takes place in cats of all ages, kneading is when a cat presses their paw against a surface in a rhythmic circular motion.​ A sign of contentment, cats will often knead on soft objects like a blanket or sofa cushion, however, they have also been known to knead on our bare skin, which can feel strange, but also quite satisfying.​

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The Cat Dance Parties

Cats often entertain us with their hilarious display of enthusiasm when it comes to tapping and pirouetting around the house, as if each room were their personal dance floor.​

Furry Felines
These secret night-time rave sessions the cats engage in can range from light timestamping to full-on rumba, contemporay or hip hop moves!

Fluffy Tail Pursuits

Many cat-lovers have observed the strange agility a feline will possess in chasing their own tail.​ There is a notion that cats are just chasing some imagined target that only they can see, but whatever it is, they are often totally absorbed in their pursuit, and it’s usually quite the treat when we get to witness it!

Head Bonking

A sometimes surreal moment to interact with cats that have learnt to trust us, is when they press their forehead gently against ours.​ With eyes closed in concentration, cats will often press their heads lightly against ours, inviting us to engage further and accept their tight embrace.​

Time Out For Grooming

Most cats understand the importance of keeping their coats clean and tidy, and in order to do so they will often sit and groom themselves for hours.​ From licking their paws to preening their fur – cleaning is always priority to any cat, and it tends to be very entertaining for the humans that watch it happen.​
Cats are really spectacular pets that surprise us every day with their lovable and carefree natures, and they will forever be a beautiful part of our lives that forever carry a special bond with them!

Cats and Their Wheels

Cats never cease to amaze us with their agility and newfound interest on the wheel.​ It’s no doubt that these energetic furballs have gone from traditional quiet house cats to becoming the world’s most active athletes.​ From propelling and pushing wheels to jumping and flipping through hoops, cats have captivated us with their natural ability to learn complex acrobatics, all while having the time of their lives!

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Mystery Missions

Cats have always been curious by nature, and with that curiosity comes their mystery missions given to explore.​ Whether it’s sneaking under the bed or exploring a box of tissue paper, cats will always find a way to turn these adventures into a funny, and sometimes dangerous mission.​

Cat Exercise

To say that cats require exercise to stay healthy and happy would be an understatement.​ Being naturally active animals, cats need to stay active to stay healthy and energetic.​ This exercise doesn’t necessarily have to involve a straining marathon, as even the most simplistic of movements like running, jumping, and chasing can go a long way in the overall well-being of our feline friends.​

Climbing The Heights

Our furry friends are capable of at least one impressive feat of athleticism – climbing! From scaling closets doors to neatly balanced stair-climbing, cats have a natural instinct to climb in order to explore and reach higher places – some of which are quite the challenge to conquer!

The Madness of Catnip

Catnip has been known to send cats into a state of temporary insanity – if there even is such a thing.​ Referred to as ‘kitten crack’ by many, the effects that catnip has on cats is something that is peculiar to watch.​ From zany pacing and growling, to moments of crazed playfulness, catnip is one thing that can really turn a dull day around quickly.​

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