Tips on Introducing a New Cat Family Member

Welcome to your newest family member! Introducing a new cat into your home can be a fun and exciting time. But, it’s important to help your new feline friend settle in and make sure everyone gets along well. Here are a few tips for making this transition as easy and painless as possible.

First and foremost, give your new kitty plenty of time, love and attention. This can be a scary time for them, so providing lots of reassurance, affection and lots of cuddles is essential. If you have other cats in your home, also remember to give them extra attention too!

Create a safe space just for your new cat. Set up a room or area with cat-friendly items like bedding, toys, scratching posts and their own litter tray. This will help them settle in and reduce any stress.

You may be tempted to quickly introduce your new cat to your existing cats. But, try to resist this temptation. Slow introductions are key, give them time to get used to smells and other senses. Start by keeping them separated, with the door closed and allow brief supervised visits.

Keep an eye on playtime and interactions between cats, especially if there is any aggression. Introductions can take a few weeks and you may need help from a pet behaviour expert to work through issues.

Prepare Your Home

Before you welcome your new cat, it’s important to prepare your home. Clear away any objects that may be dangerous, like chemicals, wires and plants. Have your regular vet checks ready and make sure you have cat food, toys and bedding ready.

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Make sure any other pets in the home are up to date on their vaccinations, as well as flea and worm treatments. This will help reduce the chances of your cat picking up any unwanted bugs. Also if you have any outdoor cats, you may want to consider fitting them with collars that identify them as yours.

Finally if your cat will roam outdoors, always make sure they have their ID tags on and are micro chipped for extra security.

Helpful Accessories

Having the right accessories in your home will make your new cat feel more comfortable and happy. You’ll need litter, food bowls, cat bedding and scratching posts. Making sure your cat has plenty of these items around helps to keep them entertained and off furniture.

You’ll also want to add plants to the house. Many cat owners keep potted plants in their home as cats love to play and explore them. Catnip and cat grass are also great additions and can be snapped up cheaply.

If possible, create a small window seat facing outwards to the garden. Cats love watching birds from up high, as it makes them feel like they’re safe and in control.

Daily Routines

It’s important to provide your new cat with plenty of structure and a daily routine. This will keep them settled and secure, as cats like predictability. Provide toys that are engaging and rotate them often to mix things up. For example giving them treat balls when feeding them, as this will keep them entertained.

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It’s also important to set aside time for play time. Interactive activities are great, as they’re stimulating and enjoyable for both owners and cats. Laser pointers or playing with feathers are good ways to keep your cats active.

Finally, also make sure you spend plenty of time together and give them lots of cuddles. Cats thrive off of one-on-one attention and this is a great way to build trust and help your cat feel safe in their new surroundings.

Sharing Toys

It can be hard to divide toys and resources between multiple cats in a home, but it’s important to give them each separate bowls and beds. This helps make sure that everyone gets the attention they need and their toys don’t get mixed up. It’s also important to provide enough litter trays and stop any chasing or rough play.

When you’re introducing new cats to your home, keeping separate yards is important too. This way they can choose when they want to interact and when they need some alone time. This helps keep visits to the vet pleasant and reduces the risk of stress-related illnesses.

In a multiple cat home, it’s also important to provide your cats with separate supply bins. This way cats are less likely to fight and can access their own food whenever they want.

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